How to incubate chicken egg at home

How to incubate chicken egg at home

Incubate chicken egg

Egg incubation is a long and complex process, in natural, the hen must always pay attention to her eggs and she could easily get the fuss about it. Now, with the help of modern technology, we could perform an incubation right at our home using an egg incubator. But I’m sure not many of you know how to do this exactly. And that’s why we’re here, right? I’m going to provide you a detailed guide about how to incubate chicken egg at home. If you haven’t got one yet, you could find many good products on the internet, or you could make one by yourself. But remember, the incubator only plays a small role in the incubation process. It gonna takes a lot of effort and dedication for your little chicks to hatch. And now, let’s get started.

Step 1:  Setting up your incubator

Setting up

As I’ve said before, you could find many good incubators on the internet by doing some research. Or you could build one on your own, there is also many guides for that option. A little advice for you if you’re looking for online products, it’s always better if you do some research about the product online and buy or test it in your local store. For home users, an incubator with the price range around $50 would be more than enough to satisfy your needs. And it doesn’t matter whether your incubator is purchased or built yourself, here are some basic requirements that it must meet: Temperature: The temperature inside the incubator must always stay at 99.5oF, the eggs need a stable heat for it to be able to hatch. Too much or too little heat could damage the embryo inside. Humidity: The ideal humidity is around 40 to 50 percent on the first 18 days; and on the last day, the humidity should be around 65 to 75 since the egg temperature get higher in these days. Ventilation: You may not notice this but the egg shell is porous, therefore, it allows air to circulate and the fetuses could breathe easily.

Step 2: Choose your fertile eggs

Fertile egg

Another important step when incubating eggs is choosing which egg will you use for incubation. The fertile egg must have these factors to be able to hatch. First, the shape of the egg must be even, it should have a round head and a little pointy head. It is the ideal shape for a fertile egg. And second, your egg shell must in a perfect state, there shouldn’t be any cracks on it. You must pay a good attention to this.

Step 3: Incubation


It usually takes about 21 days for the incubation process to complete. Although it only takes 18 days for the chick to take shape but it still needs time to complete its development. During the process, there is something you need to remember: Check the environment inside your incubator: Make sure your eggs are provided with enough heat, humidity, and air circulation. Hope you enjoy these little information that I’ve provided, check out more good stuff about chicken egg incubator by click here. Remember to turn the egg on the first 18 days, you could mark one side of the egg with an “X” so you’d know which one has been turned. The egg needs to turn so that the heat can be evenly distributed on both sides. Leaving your egg without turning it could damage the embryo and the egg shell. In final days when your egg is ready to hatch, you must stop turning the egg and lower the temperature inside since its temperature rise higher in these days.

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