Learn About Batteries and Electricity From Solar Technology

Learn About Batteries and Electricity From Solar Technology

Today, the use of solar cells is common. Due to the favorable climate, high sunshine hours are very convenient for absorbing the invaluable resources available from nature. Clean energy abundant, efficient use, friendly environment. Especially super saving for family and business regarding electricity as well as the cost of consumption.

Solar energy
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Not everyone knows the great power of this solar system brings together the same way that a battery system is installed so as to absorb maximum operating power. Also, you can visit here for more tips to make battery life longer.

Learn about solar batteries

Solar battery
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Solar panels are usually installed on rooftops, building stations, columns, glass walls … It is important for the panels to receive the most direct solar energy from the earth in all possible conditions. Environment, space and time. Ensure the system is always receiving solar energy effectively throughout the year. The maximum solar array power is reached when setting perpendicular to direct sunlight under the sun at midday sun. Remove all obstructions that block sunlight to solar panels: trees, tall buildings. The user should monitor the path of the sun in the sky to determine the optimum location and direction for the placement of the panels. If not your solar panel will suffer a significant reduction. To do this good, there are several websites that are based on each region’s solar resource statistics to help users set up and install solar panels by tracking. The position of the sun in the sky for the whole year. The user should periodically monthly maintenance of the solar panel by cleaning the dirt on the surface of the solar panel so that the batteries always get the best performance possible.

Using a solar-powered battery system is a smart solution that saves user power and is environmentally friendly. In other words, using a solar cell is saving electricity and protecting our health.

Distinguish between electric and water heater using this technology

Using solar energy
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Nowadays most people are confused by two concepts of solar power and solar water heater. Both are solar applications but fundamentally different regarding operation principle. Solar water heaters use heat to generate heat, the heat from the sunlight down the convection heat pipe system, which heats the water and then transfers it to the heat sink. Solar power uses electricity to create electricity. Currently, the solar water heater is used a lot, because there are only two rainy and sunny seasons, high efficiency. For provinces in the North, the effect is very low in winter. But solar power can be used in most sunny areas.

Recommended when using solar energy

  1. Where electricity is already available: We recommend that customers use solar electricity as a continuous and redundant power supply, running parallel to the grid for use with preferred equipment. In the family such as lighting systems, fans, TVs, rolling doors … Other equipment consuming large capacity, consumes a lot of power such as refrigerators, air conditioners, rice cookers, pumps. How to use the grid.
  2. For the places where electricity is not available: Choose energy-saving devices, plus economical and economical use, you will have a solar power system that is suitable for your family’s finances. The more equipment used, the more time spent, the more money invested in the system.

For new homes

For households that are building a house or planning to build a new home, the design and installation of solar power systems will be simple. First of all, you list all the loads that need to use solar power. If you want all the loads in the house to use solar energy, no need to pay attention to the installation of electrical systems in the house.

For home has a stable power system

For households that have a stable grid system, when they want to install solar power, it is likely to be more complicated when it comes to calculating whether to cut off individual solar power loads. Pull more power lines

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