Simple house fixes that anyone can do

Simple house fixes that anyone can do

In your house, lots of things can get broken and you are tempted to call a professional immediately for fear of getting an unwanted injury. However, some of them are really easy to do and you can do it yourself as well. This will help you take better care of your house while also saving a lot of money on calling an expert. Here are the most common things that you can fix and repair yourself.

Simple house fixes


Garbage disposal

When the motor of this machine is too hot or there is an overload of garbage, the power will automatically shut off. For this kind of problem, just wait for the motor to cool down and simply hit the reset button on the machine.

If the hum is stuck and doesn’t work for any reason, switch of the machine and try looking for the problem. Use a special type of wrench to turn the blades in order to see what’s going on. Then remove the clogging factor and your machine should be spinning again.

Change light bulb
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Lights and light switch

When the light goes out or the switch does not work, what you should do first is to check the main electrical panel to see if there is any tripped circuit. Another thing to do is to check out the GFCI outlet. Sometimes, all the lights are connected to a single GFCI and to turn the light back on, you only have to reset the button. It is simple as that.

Refrigerator not working

If you have a pet in the house and your refrigerator is not running (only figuratively), check the coils for an excess amount of hair. A huge amount of hair will increase the heat of the compressor which, in turns, will trigger the switch. You will find this coil by opening the bottom part of the refrigerator. Push the specialized brush through it and do some necessary cleaning.

Gas stove

If your stove won’t function properly, it is highly likely that there is some spaghetti sauce left in it. Simply clean the leftover with a toothbrush or anything suitable for that from the igniter. It is the tiny ceramic nub on the stovetop on the electric ignition stove.

Kitchen fixes


Oven control

If you can’t seem to get your oven to work, check to see if you have accidentally set the “time-cook” function on. By enabling this, you cannot turn on your oven until it reaches its designated time. To remove this function, push the off button or set the knob to “manual” on the oven with dials.

Washing machine

If your machine makes irritating noise while in full swing, you need to re-adjust its four legs. Adjust them in a way that all legs are level. For front legs, tighten them in place after you have seen that the cabinet is level. For rear legs, tilt the machine a bit forward and lower it down carefully. The movement of the machine will do the rest.


When this machine fails to clean your dishes, check the food-filled filter. If this part is clogged, water can’t reach the spray arm to clean your dirty dishes. Just fix this by simply removing the rack at the bottom and take out the filter inside. What left is to use a vacuum, a wet one that is, to clean them off.

That was it from us on some simple repair jobs that anyone can do. If you want to know more about this topic, you can click on this link to see this helpful information. It will give you some useful tips and tricks to take even better care of your house

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