How to clean canister filter

How to clean canister filter

I’m sure that many of you are used to using one of these in your aquarium, I must say that canister filter is such a great invention. It’s like a butler of the fish tank. All the cleaning go through this. As convenient as it can be, even the best canister filter still need some cleaning sometimes. Here is the tricky part, when it comes to using a canister filter, I’m sure most of us know how to. But if it’s cleaning the filter, then it’s a serious problem. Because not all of us know how this work and how we should clean it.


So I’ll remind you guys this, you only should clean your filter yourself if you’re a pro and know how to deal with this. If you’re not one, get help from others, don’t risk breaking your filter. Anyway, here is how we should do it.

Step 1

First, unplug the electric wire from the socket. Check if it’s off by looking at the control light. After that, shut off both the valves and carefully remove them. Make sure you’ve locked the valves before you take it out to prevent water from spilling.Unplug

Some of the trap water from the motor house will come out but you should worry about it since there just a little of them. Drop the pipes at somewhere near, we’ll get back to them later.

Step 2

Take your filter to your bathroom, kitchen sink, or anywhere that you wouldn’t mind spilling some water. Remove the motor house from your canister filter by unlocking all the clamps from four sides. Gently remove the motor house, be ready to get wet since there still water left inside. You might want to wait a little bit for the water to run out. After that put the motor at somewhere dry and ventilated. Remove all the parts from your filter except for the biological tray. I’ll not mess with it if I were you. Clean all removed parts using a brush and rinse them with water. Make sure you clean them properly. Don’t forget the filter pad since it’s the dirtiest. You should consider replace it if it gets too dirty. For the motor, you could remove the impeller and clean it under high-pressure water.

Clean in bathroom This will remove all the dirt and gunk that stuck on it. I’ve seen some people skip this step because they believe that it’s not necessary. You should know this, the quality of your impeller will affect greatly on the filter performance. If it’s not frequently cleaned, the filter will work much slower due to the lag from the impeller.

Step 3

Now you’ve clean it up, it’s time to them all together. Start by putting your filter pad in, then the trays. Make sure they fit, otherwise, your filter won’t work at all. And last, put the impeller back to your motor, then put it back on the filter. Then just basically reverse what you’ve done when you remove the filter from your fish tank. Finish setting up, plug in the electric wire and you’ll see the result.

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