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Is 123movies legal

One of the most popular movies streaming website is 123movies. They’ve tons of great movies here and all is free to watch. Some say that they’re illegal since they distribute contents without permission of the studio. Others say that it’s fine since they don’t stream movies from their server, they just redirect users to other movies streaming sources. So it’s difficult sometimes to determine whether a free movies website is legal or not.

credit: 123movies.to

Here is some factor that helps you determine whether 123movies is legal or not.

They tell you the source of the movie

In this case with 123movies, they’ve announced that all of their movies are from other sites (like Youtube, Dailymotion, Raptorfiles, Google… and many other sources. All the content are not hosted in 123movies server so technically they’re not illegal. But it’s more like a piracy, like using torrent.

They use ads to make money.

Use ads to make money
credit: twitter.com

If you ever visit the site without any ads blocker on your browser, there’s a big change that you’ll get yourself in a bunch of advertisement. Now I know that’s how 123movies and other free movie sites make money but these ads can be annoying and risky sometimes. It could contain malware and virus programs that could deal serious harm to your computer.


So just to be clear, although it isn’t officially a movie streaming site and it’s more like a form of piracy. It’s still legal and there are no problems with watching movies from it, other than some ads and potential malware or virus. So be sure to use the website in incognito mode and use trusted anti-virus program. Do not click on suspicious links if they pop up unexpectedly. And if you’re looking for other similar sites, you can find 123movies on cmovieshd.