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How to clean canister filter

I’m sure that many of you are used to using one of these in your aquarium, I must say that canister filter is such a great invention. It’s like a butler of the fish tank. All the cleaning go through this. As convenient as it can be, even the best canister filter still need some cleaning sometimes. Here is the tricky part, when it comes to using a canister filter, I’m sure most of us know how to. But if it’s cleaning the filter, then it’s a serious problem. Because not all of us know how this work and how we should clean it.


So I’ll remind you guys this, you only should clean your filter yourself if you’re a pro and know how to deal with this. If you’re not one, get help from others, don’t risk breaking your filter. Anyway, here is how we should do it.

Step 1

First, unplug the electric wire from the socket. Check if it’s off by looking at the control light. After that, shut off both the valves and carefully remove them. Make sure you’ve locked the valves before you take it out to prevent water from spilling.Unplug

Some of the trap water from the motor house will come out but you should worry about it since there just a little of them. Drop the pipes at somewhere near, we’ll get back to them later.

Step 2

Take your filter to your bathroom, kitchen sink, or anywhere that you wouldn’t mind spilling some water. Remove the motor house from your canister filter by unlocking all the clamps from four sides. Gently remove the motor house, be ready to get wet since there still water left inside. You might want to wait a little bit for the water to run out. After that put the motor at somewhere dry and ventilated. Remove all the parts from your filter except for the biological tray. I’ll not mess with it if I were you. Clean all removed parts using a brush and rinse them with water. Make sure you clean them properly. Don’t forget the filter pad since it’s the dirtiest. You should consider replace it if it gets too dirty. For the motor, you could remove the impeller and clean it under high-pressure water.

Clean in bathroom This will remove all the dirt and gunk that stuck on it. I’ve seen some people skip this step because they believe that it’s not necessary. You should know this, the quality of your impeller will affect greatly on the filter performance. If it’s not frequently cleaned, the filter will work much slower due to the lag from the impeller.

Step 3

Now you’ve clean it up, it’s time to them all together. Start by putting your filter pad in, then the trays. Make sure they fit, otherwise, your filter won’t work at all. And last, put the impeller back to your motor, then put it back on the filter. Then just basically reverse what you’ve done when you remove the filter from your fish tank. Finish setting up, plug in the electric wire and you’ll see the result.

Simple house fixes that anyone can do

In your house, lots of things can get broken and you are tempted to call a professional immediately for fear of getting an unwanted injury. However, some of them are really easy to do and you can do it yourself as well. This will help you take better care of your house while also saving a lot of money on calling an expert. Here are the most common things that you can fix and repair yourself.

Simple house fixes
credit: www.dichvunha.vn


Garbage disposal

When the motor of this machine is too hot or there is an overload of garbage, the power will automatically shut off. For this kind of problem, just wait for the motor to cool down and simply hit the reset button on the machine.

If the hum is stuck and doesn’t work for any reason, switch of the machine and try looking for the problem. Use a special type of wrench to turn the blades in order to see what’s going on. Then remove the clogging factor and your machine should be spinning again.

Change light bulb
credit: Epiphanots.Com

Lights and light switch

When the light goes out or the switch does not work, what you should do first is to check the main electrical panel to see if there is any tripped circuit. Another thing to do is to check out the GFCI outlet. Sometimes, all the lights are connected to a single GFCI and to turn the light back on, you only have to reset the button. It is simple as that.

Refrigerator not working

If you have a pet in the house and your refrigerator is not running (only figuratively), check the coils for an excess amount of hair. A huge amount of hair will increase the heat of the compressor which, in turns, will trigger the switch. You will find this coil by opening the bottom part of the refrigerator. Push the specialized brush through it and do some necessary cleaning.

Gas stove

If your stove won’t function properly, it is highly likely that there is some spaghetti sauce left in it. Simply clean the leftover with a toothbrush or anything suitable for that from the igniter. It is the tiny ceramic nub on the stovetop on the electric ignition stove.

Kitchen fixes
credit: 123RF.com


Oven control

If you can’t seem to get your oven to work, check to see if you have accidentally set the “time-cook” function on. By enabling this, you cannot turn on your oven until it reaches its designated time. To remove this function, push the off button or set the knob to “manual” on the oven with dials.

Washing machine

If your machine makes irritating noise while in full swing, you need to re-adjust its four legs. Adjust them in a way that all legs are level. For front legs, tighten them in place after you have seen that the cabinet is level. For rear legs, tilt the machine a bit forward and lower it down carefully. The movement of the machine will do the rest.


When this machine fails to clean your dishes, check the food-filled filter. If this part is clogged, water can’t reach the spray arm to clean your dirty dishes. Just fix this by simply removing the rack at the bottom and take out the filter inside. What left is to use a vacuum, a wet one that is, to clean them off.

That was it from us on some simple repair jobs that anyone can do. If you want to know more about this topic, you can click on this link to see this helpful information. It will give you some useful tips and tricks to take even better care of your house

Learn About Batteries and Electricity From Solar Technology

Today, the use of solar cells is common. Due to the favorable climate, high sunshine hours are very convenient for absorbing the invaluable resources available from nature. Clean energy abundant, efficient use, friendly environment. Especially super saving for family and business regarding electricity as well as the cost of consumption.

Solar energy
credit: u4uvoice.com

Not everyone knows the great power of this solar system brings together the same way that a battery system is installed so as to absorb maximum operating power. Also, you can visit here for more tips to make battery life longer.

Learn about solar batteries

Solar battery
credit: http://www.solarpanelsplus.com

Solar panels are usually installed on rooftops, building stations, columns, glass walls … It is important for the panels to receive the most direct solar energy from the earth in all possible conditions. Environment, space and time. Ensure the system is always receiving solar energy effectively throughout the year. The maximum solar array power is reached when setting perpendicular to direct sunlight under the sun at midday sun. Remove all obstructions that block sunlight to solar panels: trees, tall buildings. The user should monitor the path of the sun in the sky to determine the optimum location and direction for the placement of the panels. If not your solar panel will suffer a significant reduction. To do this good, there are several websites that are based on each region’s solar resource statistics to help users set up and install solar panels by tracking. The position of the sun in the sky for the whole year. The user should periodically monthly maintenance of the solar panel by cleaning the dirt on the surface of the solar panel so that the batteries always get the best performance possible.

Using a solar-powered battery system is a smart solution that saves user power and is environmentally friendly. In other words, using a solar cell is saving electricity and protecting our health.

Distinguish between electric and water heater using this technology

Using solar energy
credit: http://www.greenwerkspro.com

Nowadays most people are confused by two concepts of solar power and solar water heater. Both are solar applications but fundamentally different regarding operation principle. Solar water heaters use heat to generate heat, the heat from the sunlight down the convection heat pipe system, which heats the water and then transfers it to the heat sink. Solar power uses electricity to create electricity. Currently, the solar water heater is used a lot, because there are only two rainy and sunny seasons, high efficiency. For provinces in the North, the effect is very low in winter. But solar power can be used in most sunny areas.

Recommended when using solar energy

  1. Where electricity is already available: We recommend that customers use solar electricity as a continuous and redundant power supply, running parallel to the grid for use with preferred equipment. In the family such as lighting systems, fans, TVs, rolling doors … Other equipment consuming large capacity, consumes a lot of power such as refrigerators, air conditioners, rice cookers, pumps. How to use the grid.
  2. For the places where electricity is not available: Choose energy-saving devices, plus economical and economical use, you will have a solar power system that is suitable for your family’s finances. The more equipment used, the more time spent, the more money invested in the system.

For new homes

For households that are building a house or planning to build a new home, the design and installation of solar power systems will be simple. First of all, you list all the loads that need to use solar power. If you want all the loads in the house to use solar energy, no need to pay attention to the installation of electrical systems in the house.

For home has a stable power system

For households that have a stable grid system, when they want to install solar power, it is likely to be more complicated when it comes to calculating whether to cut off individual solar power loads. Pull more power lines

How to incubate chicken egg at home

Incubate chicken egg
credit: poultryclub.org

Egg incubation is a long and complex process, in natural, the hen must always pay attention to her eggs and she could easily get the fuss about it. Now, with the help of modern technology, we could perform an incubation right at our home using an egg incubator. But I’m sure not many of you know how to do this exactly. And that’s why we’re here, right? I’m going to provide you a detailed guide about how to incubate chicken egg at home. If you haven’t got one yet, you could find many good products on the internet, or you could make one by yourself. But remember, the incubator only plays a small role in the incubation process. It gonna takes a lot of effort and dedication for your little chicks to hatch. And now, let’s get started.

Step 1:  Setting up your incubator

Setting up
credit: thepreperproject.com

As I’ve said before, you could find many good incubators on the internet by doing some research. Or you could build one on your own, there is also many guides for that option. A little advice for you if you’re looking for online products, it’s always better if you do some research about the product online and buy or test it in your local store. For home users, an incubator with the price range around $50 would be more than enough to satisfy your needs. And it doesn’t matter whether your incubator is purchased or built yourself, here are some basic requirements that it must meet: Temperature: The temperature inside the incubator must always stay at 99.5oF, the eggs need a stable heat for it to be able to hatch. Too much or too little heat could damage the embryo inside. Humidity: The ideal humidity is around 40 to 50 percent on the first 18 days; and on the last day, the humidity should be around 65 to 75 since the egg temperature get higher in these days. Ventilation: You may not notice this but the egg shell is porous, therefore, it allows air to circulate and the fetuses could breathe easily.

Step 2: Choose your fertile eggs

Fertile egg
credit: californiahatchery.com

Another important step when incubating eggs is choosing which egg will you use for incubation. The fertile egg must have these factors to be able to hatch. First, the shape of the egg must be even, it should have a round head and a little pointy head. It is the ideal shape for a fertile egg. And second, your egg shell must in a perfect state, there shouldn’t be any cracks on it. You must pay a good attention to this.

Step 3: Incubation

credit: marccurdyfarm.com

It usually takes about 21 days for the incubation process to complete. Although it only takes 18 days for the chick to take shape but it still needs time to complete its development. During the process, there is something you need to remember: Check the environment inside your incubator: Make sure your eggs are provided with enough heat, humidity, and air circulation. Hope you enjoy these little information that I’ve provided, check out more good stuff about chicken egg incubator by click here. Remember to turn the egg on the first 18 days, you could mark one side of the egg with an “X” so you’d know which one has been turned. The egg needs to turn so that the heat can be evenly distributed on both sides. Leaving your egg without turning it could damage the embryo and the egg shell. In final days when your egg is ready to hatch, you must stop turning the egg and lower the temperature inside since its temperature rise higher in these days.

traditional-embroideryMany people come to see and buy paintings, but there is often hand embroidery matching why the higher priced competition cross. The answer is probably not difficult by hand embroidery is handmade products, requires technical virtuosity and artistic value, it is different from the cross embroidered a simple painting, embroidery under the mold pattern that the manufacturer has suggested to users. Besides it, you can visit here for get more information about Embroidery Machine Reviews for Home Use.

Most of us know, for the arts, then the value of a painting lies in the time and effort the workers make, artistic beauty, but it exudes, and the message and meaning of the painting brought again.

The Thoroughness Of The Traditional Embroidery

Hand embroidery expensive because it not only requires meticulous meticulously from color only, suitable fabric, scene paintings, but also requires the creativity of the artist. For traditional hand embroidery with 100 paintings, the difference is 100, because in each picture it shows the different techniques, different creativity. Hand embroidered traditional look, the more you look, the more people love controversy will find astute, subtly expressed through color with contrasting colors, light and dark obviously …

Completely different type of embroidery cross multiple users are doing at present is on the embroidered fabric are numbered, just as well be numbered, when embroidered with only just over the number of reviews on the cloth is learned embroidery color what. The way this embroidery did not take the time to learn, just 15p is the shop owners, or friends are already self-guided embroidery was, embroidery and colors are easily recognized by all were concretized in the sample available. B ut usually not real by painting color and the color scheme is only just less monotonous, unnatural, no discoloration settle the matter as traditional hand embroidery.

The Color Depth Of Traditional Embroidery

For traditional embroidery, absolutely nothing has ever numbered. Embroiderers take at least two years to be able to embroider a complete picture. Simple embroidered initial first, then gradually learn the difficult and self-knowledge to coordinate so that reasonable color. People have to look at the painting embroidery and self-colorimetric only to resemble the color of pictures. A picture sometimes up to hundreds of color is normal only, by a clump trees as well to dozens of color just because of this place dark blue, light blue and there, even just the dozen pale blue color also came just.

Cross Embroidery

In contrast embroidery, cross embroidery is a new type of competition was introduced in many places, as well as embroidered by hand, but it’s simple embroidery and nature movement, painting does not look well fade by using technically gifted no color coordination to create light and dark shades, clear brightness. That’s not to mention concerns about the chemicals present in the raw materials for embroidery which many scientists have warned.


Surely there will be no best answer by comparing two pictures Cross and traditional hand embroidery together, maybe that’s the quickest way to see the difference, one side is the art of communication long-standing, one hand on the side of the movement arts, is the subtle side, one side is the simplicity. The word will no longer wonder about the value of traditional painting with cross paintings.

air-fryersOn the market today appears a lot Air Fryer, electric fireplaces, variety of designs and prices of products. Some products of the famous firms often have higher rates of air fryer but consumers choose and use. You refer to the following article to get answers, besides that you can access at the address for more information on  Air fryer Reviews 2017 on the market today.

Longstanding Brand, Reputation, and Fame

Factor brand is one of the factors that make up the price of products. The household products, especially electric fryer air of famous brands, are all products of the brand has a long, consumers not only in some countries but also the international market info come and used since long.

Because credibility, reliability and brand development that manufacturers are always trying to improve and perfect the quality of products for building and maintaining consumer confidence. Just so, consumers are willing to pay a higher price for the trust and satisfaction in their brand choices.

Compact Dimensions Used In Space

Air fryer compact size can be used to grill food on the table. On the other hand, since the electric smokeless grill so you can use in a lot of space, especially can be used in the apartment, closed rooms … can replace the traditional charcoal grill is very convenient.

Electric Fireplaces With Advanced Non-Stick Surface

The majority of air fryer is made of durable aluminum alloy, while the grill surface is coated with high-grade anti-adhesive, adhesive food restrictions, do not burn when baking, special cleaning, you can easily after use.

High Capacity Helps Cooked Food Fast

cooked-food-fastNormally the air capacity fryer with a quite high number from 1000 – 1800 W. The heating element of the M-shaped kitchen, efficient heat dissipation to help them and the food is cooked faster, save time.

Many Temperature Adjustments

Electric fireplaces have many different heat levels ranging from 80-240 ° C depending on the type of food that you can choose the appropriate grill temperature.

Containing Oil Tray Helps Food Taste Better

Most of the air fryer oil tray are secreted from food surplus. This will make your dishes sick less attractive and more healthy. Diet helps you ensure scientific and health.

Some Other Advantages

  • Safer to use coal stoves
  • Faster baking time
  • It can adjust the precise cooking temperature
  • It is easy to clean surfaces that are covered with a layer of non-stick
  • When the grill, it will not create a lot of smoke
  • It can be used in many places, more space


Because many of the benefits of air fryer should come from reputable brands often have high rates of air fryer than other brands. Besides, outstanding quality, durability, manufacturers are committed to the safety of use. So do not be too worried about the price when deciding to purchase a good brand electric fireplaces and prestige. So you invest a budget smart to have the best products, efficient use and ensuring more efficient budget brands or products are cheap.