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Camping gear: preparing tent for a big group

Tent for 10 men

Well, you know that we all like to spend time with our family, our friends…In holidays or special occasions. And one of the best ways to enjoy a great time with them is camping, I suggest… To prepare for a perfect camping requires lots of things, but in this article, I will show you how to choose a specific tent for your camping in the next holidays.


How many people

First up you have to estimate that how many people would join in your camping. This is a very important step because it can affect your perfect camping plan.

There can be a group of three or even more. In this particular situation, I would say 10 people for example.

10 man is a big group so to be able to make plans, or aggregate all the ideas may take times, but don’t worry all the problems will be solved if you arrange them orderly in your mind.


Choosing a tent man tent might be difficult. Obviously, that 10 men altogether in a small area but you still want them to be comfortable,  cozy. Well, how can we do that?

You should ask the seller (who sell camping equipment) to bring out all the choices for you. There could be different kinds of tent but with his (or her) support you definitely can choose the right one. Give him/her all information about your camping group( how many people will join, which material of the tent you like,…)

10 men tent can be very big but you should choose the one that can easily be disassembled because your group may have to carry it all the long way. So the lighter the tent is, the more energy you will save on your journey.

Material and structure

Material and Structure

Choose a tent that first up, have enough space for 10 people. All 10 people can all fit in it without any struggles.

A 10 tent can be disassembled or assembled easily by bars and nylon sheets. So that when your group gets to the camping destination, you guys can build the tent together.

You should choose tent made with denier fabrics, nylon, etc. to avoid having rain, wind, and snow. The door of the tent should have a mosquito net to avoid insects in case when you camp in the forest, the bottom should be sealed with seam tape to avoid leakage

The structure of the tent is really important because when you choose the wrong one, your tent may not be able to stand on the ground or stay in shape. So remember to take the tent which has iron or steel frame.

Set Up

It is obviously that setting up a tent may require lots of skills.  You have to be really careful to build a perfect one and to combine all the little part if the tent. It is even harder to set up a tent which contains 10 people.

The bigger the tent is, the harder setting it up will be. First up you and your friend have to find a flat position on the ground, spread up the seam tape and start to build your own tent. All the bars should be connected to each other for making the frame. Next up, spread all those bars through nylon sheets and spread it all up. When finishing it, you should pile driving all four corners of the tent to keep it fixed.

That all you need for your next camping with a group of 10 people.Take note all the directions above and start to realistic your camping plan.




Equipment for your home gym

Home gym

Do you want to get into shape but don’t have time to hit the gym? Do you wish to build a home gym so that you can work out right at the comfort of your own home? If so, this article is just what you need. In this article, we will give you some advice on which machine or device you will need for your personal gym. Here they are:

1/ Cardio exercise:

Cardio trainning
credit: always.trainning

For this type of exercise, you will need something that increases your heart rate. The most popular choices are stationary bike, treadmill machine, jumping rope or trampoline.

As for treadmill machine, depend on your budget plan and personal space, you can choose to have a big one or a small one. Right now there are machines that have many diverse workout modes that allow you to train according to your fitness level. They also have a monitor displaying all the body statistics such as: calories burned, duration of training, heart rate, etc. If you want to see how well you perform over time, do consider buying this type of machine.

As for stationary bike, there are two types: a regular bike and a recumbent one. A regular stationary bike is for everyone while a recumbent one is better suited for people with back problems. Like the treadmill machine, it has many different modes of workout and a monitor indicating your progress. Please take a look at this recumbent exercise bike reviews to get a better idea of what to buy.

Regarding the rope, if you are just a beginner, any rope will do you just fine as long as it is durable. The details don’t matter until you get more advanced. At the level, you should choose a light one to train your speed or if you want to add more strength to your feet, go with a heavier rope.

Trampoline: A great exercise for training rebound and a fun one at that. If you don’t feel like walking or running, jumping on a trampoline will give you a brand new feeling. Therefore, you will be more likely to stick to it.

2/ Weight exercise

Weight exercise

Dumbbell: the amount of exercise you can do with this equipment is endless; therefore, a pair of these is your top priority. You should look for hexagon shaped dumbbells with rubber coating instead of round ones as the latter tends to roll away. A set of 3 – 5 dumbbells of different weights is highly recommended for a wide range of exercises.

Pull-up bar: a very effective device for increasing strength. You could have it mounted on doorways or on your wall. If you can’t do even one pull-up just yet, buy a resistance band to facilitate the process.

Barbell and plates: you cannot call it a home gym without these. This will train your coordination very effectively. You should look for a sturdy one and, if you have small hands, pay attention to the thickness of the handle.


You should also purchase a music player. This will make your workout more exciting and give you additional mental power to carry on.

That was it from me. If you want to know more about this topic, click on this link right here to go to our website, you won’t be disappointed.


football-shoesIn football, a pair of cleats accounts for half of the gear you are going to need in order to play the game. With importance like that, spending money on a pair of good shoes for yourself is never a waste. What’s left is to know how can you buy the most suitable pair for you because there thousands of models, brands and styles on the market right now. In this article, I will show you some information you need to keep in mind when purchasing this piece of footwear.

Firstly, the money

the-moneyHow much money are you willing to spend on this piece of equipment, which you are going to use very often for a very long time? I’d say a reasonable amount, not too expensive, but not too cheap either relative to the thickness of your wallet. Since you are going to use it very often, spending a few extra bucks for a high-quality pair is not a waste, not at all. A high-quality pair like giay nike or adidas can make your feet feel comfortable and aid you a lot in the game, so why not?

Personal preference

Because you are going to spend money on them, might as well choose the pair that satisfy all of your personal preference such as style, color, brand, etc. That way, you will be more satisfied with your purchase and maybe, as a psychological effect, feel much more confident in them as well.

Style of play

Do you prefer dribbling the ball with stunning speed down the wing or do you prefer long pass over the defenders? For each style of play, there are hundreds of pair of shoes designed to do the job. The difference may not be much but it does give you an edge over your opponents, only a slight edge but still better than nothing. Therefore, keep this in mind when you go and search for your pair.

The surface of the field

Again, for every type of field, there are hundreds of pairs of shoes that are suitable for the job. If you intend to play mostly on soft, grass field, a pair with long studs or spikes at the bottom is highly recommended as it will increase friction with the surface, which will increasing your balance. For harder surface like artificial grass, a pair with shorter studs is more advisable. Now, if you have to switch between the two types of surface all the time, do consider buying both types. You money won’t go to waste, I can assure that.

With countless of models and brands currently on the market, choosing the perfect one will not be easy, I’d say. Sometimes, many people just go in the shop, try a few pairs, decide right away which one to buy and gradually learn to like it by slowly adapting to it. You could do the same but taking the time to do some research beforehand will keep you better informed of what you are going to buy. You could even find some promotional campaign for the product that you are going to buy.

That was it from us. Have fun playing football!